Poetry/Inspirational Words

Some poems have the ability to touch something inside of you.

poetry can touch us on a deep level

There are so many inspirational poems and words written by famous and unknown authors, both old and new.

Some poems have the ability to touch something inside of you, helping you to understand something that you may not have experienced directly.  Others just seem to connect with your innermost feelings, expressing what you are feeling with words that you yourself could never find.  Real poets have this ability to touch us on a deep level.

poems express all emotions

Time doesn’t diminish the meaning of words that come from the heart and soul

Loss, Sadness, Longing, Hope, Faith, Yearning, Happiness, Laughter, Spirituality, poems can express many emotions.  Poets always seem to find the right words to connect with us.  I find it amazing to read a poem written 200 or 300 years ago that still evokes those emotions today. 

poetry expresses our emotions

choosing a poem or reading

There is no right or wrong poem for a funeral service.  Whatever speaks to you and expresses what you and your family are feeling will be just right.  You might even choose to read a poem that reflects the humorous character of your loved-one.  You could also write a poem of your own, which would be even better.

if it speaks to your heart then you know it is the right choice

a selection of my favourites

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Stop All The Clocks


Miss Me But Let Me Go

Crossing The Bar

Death (if I should go)

Feel No Guilt in Laughter

Poems of Sorrow and Grieving

Death of a Child

Early Death Hartley Coleridge

Epitaph of a Child  Thomas Gray

To All Parents

The Strength You Gave Me

My Little Angel

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