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What is a Celebrant?

creator of ceremonies to celebrate important life events

It seems that a lot of people don’t know what a Celebrant is. Let me explain. A celebrant creates and officiates important ceremonies that celebrate life events like baby naming, marriage, re-affirmation of vows, welcoming new family members as in adoption or remarriage, and at the end of life a celebration of life ceremony. Which means they have a very important role. If you are wondering how to choose a celebrant watch my video below.

funeral celebrant Stourbridge

I am a dedicated funeral celebrant helping families within a 20 mile radius. Helping families to create a celebration of life ceremony for a loved one. This means that I will work with a family to help them create the ceremony they want. A ceremony to reflect the individuality of the person and to celebrate the life they have lived. Did you know that the type of officiant you is important as choose will affect your ceremony? Take a look at my video where I will explain the different types of officiant and how they approach ceremonies that celebrate important life events.

find out how different types of officiate will affect your ceremony

Sharon Gordon Celebrant Stourbridge

If you would like to talk to me about a funeral ceremony for a loved one please CONTACT ME here or call me on 07722 203636. My fee is £200 inclusive. It will be my privilege to help you.

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