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Before I die – a wish list

live your life NOW
I’ll go back to China
renovate my Morris Minor
take a cruise on an ocean liner
I’ll clear out the loft
stop being so bloody soft
find all the things I’ve ever lost
Or perhaps
I’ll get married on the Gower
mend my broken shower
discover my hidden super power
I’ll make people happy
or become less snappy
hold a frog
find true love
walk Offa’s Dyke
ride a bike
be honest and not care
Or I might...
climb Ben Nevis
(and not fall down a crevice)
visit Maine, meet Stephen King
join a choir and learn to sing
go on safari
wear a sari
find the ruby player who broke my nose
dance a passionate tango with a rose
between my teeth
I can do it all
before my final curtain call
if I make the time before I die
to live

Group poem created by Emma Purshouse and the Dying Matters workshop participants, held on Saturday 19th May 2019 at Stourbridge library in conjunction with Poetry on Loan.

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