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Live in the moment

what is living in the moment?

To live in the moment, or now, is being conscious, aware and in the present with all of your senses. It means not dwelling on the past, nor being anxious or worrying about the future

Living in the moment is not always easy. Our thoughts are full of regrets about past events and anxiety about the future. This makes it difficult to enjoy the present.

how to start living in the moment

Here are some simple strategies that can help. Try to focus on them throughout your day. Create a mindfulness cue, learn to meditate, perform random acts of kindness.

  • Train your mind to focus on the current activity.
  • Engage in, and feel what you are doing. Enjoy the process.
  • Learn relaxation techniques in order to be present in each moment.
  • Take notice of your surroundings – sights, sounds, smells, ambiance.
  • Listen attentively to the conversation of others, music, even silence.
  • Savor your food and drink. Taste each morsel.
Close-up of Red Poppies and tall grasses in the field
Enjoying the Poppies in the field – living in the moment

Start small. It’s tempting to completely overhaul your lifestyle, but you don’t need to make big changes to start living in the moment. Start by developing new habits one at a time. Once you feel like you have mastered a habit, add something else.

benefits of living in the moment

  • Improved concentration. Less distractions and improved focus and concentration. You can focus on the present moment for longer periods of time.
  • Improved effectiveness. You become much more effective and get more things done in less time with less effort.
  • Increased relaxation. No thoughts of worry about the future or regret about the past as your mind is focussed on the present. You are relaxing into whatever you are doing.
  • Direct-felt experience of reality. Focussing on the now, the stories in your head start to fall away, and you start experiencing reality directly, without labels. You stop thinking that something is “good” or “bad”, and start noticing life in a fuller way.
  • Outmoded beliefs fall away. Beliefs that no longer serve you come to your attention when you stop labeling what’s going on. Those beliefs will fall away little by little.

do it your own way

The simplest way for me to live in the moment is when I am walking with Casper my dog in the local countryside. Or meeting with a family to talk about their loved one and then being fully absorbed when I am crafting the Ceremony. Find your own way – it could be a hobby that absorbs you. Or when working in your garden, playing with your children or doing a simple daily task.

My Dalmatian Casper enjoying his walk in the countryside and living in the moment
Living in the moment with Casper

I usually remind those that attend my ceremonies that life is lived moment by moment. Enjoy the simple moments by immersing yourself fully into them.

If you would like to talk to me about my Celebrant Ceremonies please do CONTACT ME here. Sharon Gordon Celebrant Stourbridge

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