Minister, Celebrant or Humanist?

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arranging a funeral ceremony

Arranging the funeral for a family member? Feeling out of your depth? So many decisions to make and no previous experience? This can be a very difficult time when you are already coping with a loss and feeling overwhelmed.

consider your options

With regards to the ceremony itself the most important decision that you will make is to decide who you would like to officiate at the service/ceremony. This is important. It will impact upon the type of ceremony that you will be able to have. So, it is necessary to consider your options and give yourself time to think about it before you visit your Funeral Director.

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religious minister

A Minister is a practicing member of a Religion. A Religious Minister usually conducts a service following strict guidelines. Laid down by the doctrines of the religion. Bible readings, prayers and hymns can only be chosen from pre-set options. The service is held in a Church or another place of worship.

for families of Faith

These services are perfect for those who actively practiced their religion during their lives. Or for those who believed but were not actively taking part in the church services. Families can also find comfort and solace in the familiar rituals and their Faith at this difficult time. Some Ministers can be flexible and will allow you to include a non-religious poem, but others may not.


A Humanist follows a non-religious philosophy, based on liberal human values. Humanist funerals and memorial services offer a personal and fitting way to say goodbye. For people who have lived without religion. They bring people together to express sadness at the loss and also to celebrate the life lived. They focus sincerely and affectionately on the person.

no religious elements

A Humanist Funeral Ceremony will not include any religious elements at all. There are no prayers or hymns within the service. There is poetry, readings and music. The service is held in a crematorium or other non-religious venue.

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A Celebrant-led Funeral Ceremony is a celebration of the life of the deceased. It also acknowledges the sadness of the loss. The funeral ceremony is all about the life of the deceased. It will include all the elements the family want. Making the ceremony a celebration of the life of the deceased.

different elements can be included

It can include religious elements like prayers and hymns. Non-religious elements like poetry, literature, popular music and rituals. The ceremony takes place in a crematorium or in another non-religious place. An alternative venue which has meaning to the deceased can be chosen by the family.

the ceremony most appropriate for you

So, the type of officiant you choose will have a very real bearing on your ceremony. Take time to talk with your family before you decide on the most appropriate choice for you and your loved one.

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