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celebration of life

A Celebration of Life Ceremony is a wonderful way for you to say your last goodbye to the one you love.  You can make the Ceremony a celebration of their life and what makes them unique.

a personal story

I will help you to tell their story, acknowledge their achievements, and celebrate the uniqueness of their life.  I compose a complete ‘Celebration of Life’ Ceremony which celebrates the life, values and achievements of your loved one and adheres to the wishes of you and your family.  I personally officiate at the Ceremony.

These days many families choose not to have a church service.  However, that doesn’t mean that a special prayer or hymn is out of place at a Celebrant led service, held at a Crematorium or an alternative venue. It really is up to you. A Celebrant led Ceremony is all about what you the family want. You have it your way.

ceremony and wake combined

 You can combine the Celebration of Life Ceremony with the Wake, by holding both at the same venue.  This means you won’t be restricted by ‘time slots’ at the Crematorium which are normally only 20 to 30 minutes for the Service, depending on the Crematorium.  You will have some hours to hold a Ceremony that will truly celebrate the unique life of your loved one. The Ceremony can then include as many tributes from friends and family as you wish and they may be more willing to take part in the more relaxed atmosphere away from the Crematorium. There can be poetry and music.
You can have a small committal service at the Crematorium attended by close family only or you could have a Direct Cremation which means that there is no committal service at the Crematorium and you meet at your chosen venue for the Celebration of Life Ceremony/Wake, where your Celebrant will lead the Ceremony.

photo memory book

photos can be put in a remembrance book

Friends and family may have photographs of your loved one that they would like to share with you. What better way than to put them in a book and build up a unique remembrance book. This is something that can be kept and passed down through the generations, and ensures that old photos don’t get lost.

Memory Tree

memory tree

A Memory Tree is a nice way for everyone present to contribute something to the day without having to stand up and speak. Each person can write down a memory of a happy time, a condolence, a funny story about the deceased and attach it to the tree. Or a small photograph is a lovely idea. These are there for everyone to read at their leisure and at the end of the day the family can take them home and look through them when they wish. The words of friends and family will be there for them to reflect on happy times.

Balloon Release Ceremony

balloon release

A nice way to end the Ceremony and Wake is to have a balloon release. A small tag with an individual message written by those who want to take part is attached to the balloon and then released into the sky. It is a very symbolic way of ‘letting go’ and sending love to the departed as they go on the next stage of their journey.

the service you want

Above all my role is to help you to celebrate the life of your loved one. Honouring them with a fitting personal tribute, according to their special character, and helping you to have the service that you want at the venue of your choosing.  You can appoint me directly by clicking here CONTACT ME or you can ask your Funeral Director to contact me on your behalf. I create and officiate Ceremonies in Crematoriums and alternative venues.

Sharon Gordon Celebrant Stourbridge

I am a funeral celebrant based in Stourbridge working throughout The Black country, South Birmingham, North Worcs, South Staffs areas. I am honoured to help you and your family create the Ceremony that you want.

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