Talking About Death

Most of us are not ready to face the fact of our death. We are not be prepared for it. We have pushed thoughts about death to the back of our mind.

Death is not an easy subject.  Our society is not comfortable talking about death and dying.  Death is a fact – we can’t escape from it.  If we are more open about death, will it ultimately lead us to have a better and more fulfilling life? I think so.

Facing up to the certainty of death and the short time that we will live, will surely help us to live that short life more creatively and on purpose.  We may worry less about money and possessions (what use are they to a dead person). Instead think more about living with a purpose and enjoying things that we are now taking for granted.

If you know someone who has been diagnosed with a terminal condition, they may want to talk to you about it and about death, their death.  Will you be prepared?

I would like to sign-post you to Dying Matters a website which offers lots of support and advice around the subject of death and dying.

I hope you find it useful.

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