Awareness, Help for the Bereaved

It’s Good to Talk

Overwhelming tiredness and exhaustion

Difficulty concentrating

Change in appetite

Aches and pains

Anxiety attacks

These are just some of the symptoms of grief.

If you are you struggling to deal with the loss of someone you were close to, then you might well benefit from Bereavement Counselling.

We have all lost someone close to us, be it from illness, old age, or an accident.   And loss and grief is also experienced everyday such as when someone leaves home, the loss of a pet or a job, or the end of a relationship. Grieving is a natural process, but some people might need additional specialist help to work through this.

Mason’s Counselling, Therapy and Bereavement Services specialise in bereavement counselling and have supported many individuals going through the bereavement process.  To find out more about the service they offer just follow the link above.

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