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How to support friends experiencing loss

There are many types of loss, and loss doesn’t always mean that someone has lost a loved-one following their death.

living loss

Living loss such as divorce, retirement, a life-threatening illness, a debilitating injury or a life-altering condition like dementia or addiction can be extremely difficult to cope with. Support can make all the difference in helping friends summon the strength, faith and courage to fight their way back into life.

offer help and support

friends suffering from loss

You want to help your friends and relatives in their times of need but how can you support someone suffering from loss? 

You can start by offering them your condolences and giving them a simple hug.

Make sure that you keep in touch with them as they will need your continued help and support

Allow your grieving friend to shed tears and open up. It will help them to let their feelings out. A bereaved friend will want to talk about their loved one and you can help them by being open and honest and not being afraid to share stories about their loved one. Reminiscing about their special qualities.

it’s good to talk

Be kind, patient and compassionate. Your own feelings can take a back seat while you put your friend first. You can signpost them to professional services if they need extra help, and there are also a lot of bereavement and other types of support group online where they can talk to people who have gone through the same experience and who know what they are going through.

Ask them what help they need from you.

kindness and compassion

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