Radical Rethinking

2019 Wellness Trends, from the Global Wellness Summit

This is a very interesting and thought-provoking article around death and dying.  There is a need for us to be more open to discussion around death and our own mortality. 

‘It’s important to remember that the modern culture of extreme death fearing is a pretty recent phenomenon—a blip in human history—that really kicked in with the rise of Western medicine (where death is still seen as a failed “outcome”) and by the outsourcing of the care of the dead to funeral homes. But what’s so amazing is that there have been more changes in attitudes and practices in the last couple of years than there have been in the last 150’.

One of those changes is around the memorial service itself.

‘as people become less yoked to formal religions or have embraced a life of more flexible spiritual identities—and as more people see the memorial as more about representing a unique person rather than a (sometimes intimidating or joyless) religious practice—funerals are being rewritten in every way possible. People are creating more individualistic, less “funereal” celebrations…a whole new world of farewells.’

Click on this link to read this fascinating article

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