Coffins that say something

Have you thought about a coffin which reflects the personality of your loved one.

There are different options available when choosing a coffin these days.  For some it’s important that the coffin says something about their loved ones.  A pictorial coffin can celebrate the uniqueness of the deceased and help to turn a sombre occasion into a celebration of their unique personality and life.

You can choose from sporting themes like fishing, horse-racing, football etc.  Or themes of nature like woodland, oceans, butterflies, dolphins.  Some have even chosen to have pictures of a much-loved pet on the coffin.  For an ex-military person a Union Jack might be appropriate.  You can even put forward your own design, and I love the idea of the family who used a beautiful painting that their father had painted himself and used it for his coffin.

Take a look at Colourful Coffins and see what you think.

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