Why make a Will?

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Many people do not make a will.  They may think Wills are only for those with millions in the bank, or maybe they don’t want to think about the subject of their own death.

However, it is important to give some serious thought into making your Will. It could save a lot of heartache for your family.  Having a Will in place will make things much easier and less stressful for them at a very difficult time.

A Will can also help to reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax that your Estate will pay.

If you have children or other family who rely on you financially it is very important to make a Will.

If you die Intestate (without a Will) then your estate will be divided up and shared according to Laws.  This may not be how you want to bequeath your estate.

Find out more from Money Advice Service or GOV.UK before you contact a local Solicitor who can advise you regarding your own particular circumstances.

Get your affairs in order and start the year off the right way.


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