In SAIF Hands

Shock and grief usually follow the death of a loved one, followed by a lot of confusion and many questions. Who do I need to inform? What kind of service can we have? How much will it cost? And many more.

A reputable Funeral Director will be able to answer all your questions and will guide you through the process, taking the burden off you and your family by offering support and ensuring that the wishes of you and your loved one are fulfilled.

SAIF – THE NATIONAL SOCIETY OF ALLIED AND INDEPENDENT FUNERAL DIRECTORS (ESTABLISHED 1989), offers the reassurance and experience of an established and trusted funeral director.

This offers great comfort to a bereaved family and SAIF is committed to ensuring the funeral profession maintains the highest of standards, with members subject to a Quality Assurance Assessment and inspected every two years.

To find out if your local Funeral Director is a member of SAIF and find out more about why it is important, click on the above link to the WebSite.

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