Water Cremation

Natural Water Cremation is a new technology which is currently in use in Canada and the US.  It is an environmentally friendly option which uses water instead of fire.  Resomation is the term used by the company which has developed the technology and the actual term was chosen by the company, because “Resoma” is a Greek/Latin derivation for ”rebirth of the human body”.

The process uses high temperature and an alkaline solution to speed up the natural process that the body goes through after death.  Apparently it is much more environmentally friendly with far less emissions than a ‘normal’ cremation. As in fire cremation, the family will receive the sterile ashes of the deceased which they can inter or scatter in an appropriate manner.

Sandwell MBC may be the first Local Authority in the UK to offer this service, if Severn Trent Water will allow use of their sewers for the water produced at the end of the process.  The verdict is still out on that.

What is your opinion on this?  Is this the way forward for a more eco-friendly solution for our bodily remains?  Or do you feel uncomfortable about it?  It is a very sensitive topic which will no doubt spark some debate.

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