What is Natural Burial?

Have you heard of natural burial and wondered what it is?   Do you prefer the idea of a ‘natural’ return to the earth?

A natural burial involves being buried in a natural location like woodland or meadow as opposed to a traditional cemetery.  This means you can have a woodland burial amid the trees or be buried in a meadow site, even somewhere that animals graze.

For some people, the appeal of the natural burial is the return to nature, where the body is buried in a degradable coffin which means everything eventually returns more quickly to a natural state.  For others, it is more about the environmental impact of traditional options.

The following natural burial sites in our local area may be of interest to you:

Westall Park, near Redditch

Gornal Wood Cemetery, Dudley

Wrottesley Park, Wolverhampton

Baughton, Near Upton On Severn, Worcestershire


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