Business Cards


I needed business cards for my new business. So I designed my new card and then I realised that I would need a Web Address to put on my card. Hmmm!

Backtracking a little I started to look at how to create my own WebPage/Blog and after chatting with someone who has set up numerous Web Pages I decided to follow advice and use WordPress. So here I am folks!!

For a beginner like me it has involved a lot of hair-pulling and face-pulling and my dog is feeling very neglected as I am spending hours on my laptop trying to figure out how to do this – it is supposed to be very easy! I guess I am a bit slower than the average person then.

Well having started on this Blog, and 2 days later I now have the information that I need to get my business cards printed so that is all to the good. I have triple-checked the info and I am now going to order my cards. Wish me luck!!


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